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Jim Corbett National Park

The elegance of nature's charm,
It laughs in flowers and dies with human arms.
I can feel the birds tweeting, I can see the trees happily swirling
The greenery of India's nature can't prevent me from its yearning

Breathtaking gorgeousness, incredible wilderness and the attraction of magnificent forest snapshot views; Corbett National Park is an endearing national Park in India. It was named after a great adventurer and the main establisher of the park 'Jim Corbett' and was later renowned as Jim Corbett National Park in his honor. It is the establishment famous for being the protected area to earnestly endangered species and an ecological hub to majestic royal Bengal tigers. The national park is regally situated in the splendid Nainital district of Uttarakhand state of India. Visit Corbett National Park and enjoy the captivating panorama of its scenic beauty and wilderness of its surroundings along with varied animal species in India and experience its captivating diversity.

Wildlife in Corbett National Park

Residence of diversified migratory birds from serpent eagle, blossom parakeet to red jungle fowl, Corbett National Park serves 585 species of animals including 33 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians and other varied fauna species. Bengal tigers can be easily traced as being camouflaging with the reserve. Leopards can be traced in the jungle including jungle cat, fishing cat and leopard cat. Elephants can be seen in huge herds with Indian python and crocodiles are seen into Ramganga River. Other easily found species in Corbett National Park are.

  • Sambar, Wild Hog and cheetal
  • Langur, Rhesus Monkey
  • Yellow Throated Martens, Owls, Nightjars
  • Elephants and Mongoose

Flora in Corbett National Park

Experience the diversity of flora with the brilliance of picturesque paddy grasslands and the excellence of rich eco system with numerous virgin forests all around the place, Corbett is truly a divine exquisiteness of nature. The park serves about 488 different species of plants with dense and flourishing sal forests all around the jungle. The climatic conditions are extremely pleasant as it rains from July to September. The dense deciduous forests are beautifully covered with sal, pipal, rohini, Jamun and mango trees at the extremes.

Other Attractions in Corbett National Park

  • Jeep Safari Tour: Tourists can plan their visit to the national park and can experience the reservation of incredible tiger species and the marvel of bird watching with memorable jeep safari and elephant safari tour in the long trails.
  • Dhikala:Known as captivating destination in Corbett, Dhikala is situated in Patli Dun valley. Tourists can enjoy spectacular views of natural beauty of the valley.
  • Garjia Temple: Located on the river bank of Kosi, Garjia temple is in proximity to Ramnagar city. Tourists visit the temple to worship the deity of Garjia Devi.
  • Ranikhet: One magnificent hill station located in Almora district, Ranikhet gives the most eye catching views of Himalayas. The Hill station receives heavy snow fall from December to February.

How to Reach Corbett National Park

By Air: Phoolbagh, Pantnagar at a distance of 50 km is the nearest airport. Delhi at a distance of 300 km is the nearest international airport.

By Rail: Ramnagar is on the broad gauge track from where the road transport options have to be availed to reach the park.

By Road: Dhikala is 300 km from Delhi, 403 km from Lucknow and 51 km from Ramnagar. The route from Delhi spans Hapur-Murababad-Ramnagar. The turn off is some 7 km beyond Muradabad to the left, marked by a small board.

Climatic Conditions

The ecological balance and moderate climatic and geographical conditions makes Corbett National Park, the natural hub of different diversities. Climatic conditions are extremely pleasant as it rains from July to September.

Best Time to Visit- Mid November to Mid-June.

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